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Adjust pitch (optional), time stretching (for pitch), lowpass, highpass, and true peak (clip prevention), with A.I. extended clip prevention, frequency enhancement, acoustic leveling, and stereo phase correction.

The revolutionary AI-powered mastering tool that takes your audio production to new heights. Fully cloud-based for ultimate convenience, MasterMind offers advanced capabilities including precise pitch shifting between frequencies like 440Hz to 432Hz or 440Hz to 528Hz, and time stretching to match your creative vision. Achieve a true peak of -0.3db with flawless lowpass at 20kHz and highpass at 20Hz filtering, ensuring your sound remains pristine. Our sophisticated AI enhancements include acoustic leveling and phase correction, delivering perfectly balanced and polished tracks. With high-quality output at a 44,100 Hz sample rate in PCM 16-bit stereo WAV, every nuance of your music is captured with exceptional clarity. MasterMind combines cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface, making professional-grade mastering accessible from anywhere. Transform your music effortlessly with the power of AI and the flexibility of the cloud the right way!